Empower Children - Ensure Rights


When a child requires help, we bring the child to the centre with the due information of the police /administration.

We also get calls from RPF, GRP and general public whenever a new child is found and needs temporary shelter and support.

Once rescued, the child is given a secure place and a good atmosphere to stay until the family is found.

The information about the child is given to the CWC within 24 hours as per the rule and we try our best to trace the family

or the guardian of the child. As per the order from the CWC child is given protection with all the facilities and once the

family is found, after completing the legal formalities we handover the child to the family or place in a shelter home.

Eligible children are also accepted by our centre for education or skill training. During the last eight years we have

rescued and sent home 325 children and have given shelter to 46 children.